Aladdin Maxbrite Model 500 Nickel Plated Burner for Use w/Heelless Chimney

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  • Aladdin brand Maxbrite Model 500 burner for use with a heelless chimney
  • Nickel Plated Finish
  • Come with a wick and wick trimmer
  • Coarse threaded to fit Aladdin fonts and all glass models
  • Replacement burner for models A, B, C, 21C, 23 (N236AB)
  • Your model number appears on the burner's wick control button (wick turn knob)
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Brand B&P Lamp Supply
Nickel Plated Brass, Maxbrite Model 500, Kerosene Aladdin brand burner for use with Heelless chimney. Comes with wick, wick trimmer, and coarse thread to fit Aladdin fonts and all glass models. Has Maxbrite 500 finish. Fits Models A, B, C, 21C, 23 (N236AB)

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