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We have been selling kerosene lamp burners or oil lamp burners for 40-50 years and truly appreciate the virtues of a well-made kerosene lamp burner. Please do not confuse our burners with those available from one of the discount chain stores. These are inexpensive "tin-plate" burners which may, or may not fit your old lamp, and will likely fail in complimenting the looks of your nice antique or early style lamp.

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Our kerosene burners, except where noted, are solid brass and come with good quality lamp wicks. All of the oil lamp burners on this page (with the exception of the #2 brass plated burner #12621) are exacting reproductions of antique or early style kerosene lamp burners. They are totally functional and are intended as replacements on antique or early style lamps that have missing or damaged kerosene burners. See our "How To:" tutorial at the bottom of each product page for advice on choosing the correct lamp burner size. Also, you may want to consult one of our knowledgeable lamp dealers in the Dealer Locator for assistance in finding a kerosene lamp burner that will properly fit your antique oil lamp.