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After a century of great design and quality, Aladdin is a well-recognized name in the antique lamp industry. They craft only the finest in products such as wick raisers, wick cleaners, bug screens, and filler caps. We offer a wide selection of these Aladdin lamp parts, in addition to our inventory of Aladdin brand lamp chimney shades that have become a hard to find item. We are pleased to bring you this diverse array of parts.

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We offer a wide inventory of Aladdin lamp parts to meet your oil lamp restoration needs. From high-quality filler plugs and filler caps made of nickel and brass to a variety of size options in tripods, our selection features the best in Aladdin lamp parts. Sometimes, wicks need to be replaced due to wear and tear; we have Aladdin wicks so you can get the wicks manufactured for your Aladdin oil lamp without the worry of getting the wrong wick from another brand. We also offer many styles of Aladdin glass chimneys in many different specifications and some even come with an elegant design of artwork etched into the glass.

When using oil lamps, always remember to put safety first. It is important to keep a well-maintained oil lamp and regularly replace any art of it that may not be safe, such as a cracked chimney or damaged wick raiser. Never overfill the oil or leave the wick burning too long. Oil lamps should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Never use an unapproved oil in your lamp, as it may cause a highly combustible fire. As with any product with a wick, never leave an oil lamp unattended in another room for long periods of time. Oil lamps make a beautiful addition to your home when used properly. They bring a traditional appeal to a modern lifestyle.

At Antique Lamp Supply, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about these products to better serve you in your oil lamp needs. With our knowledgeable staff, we can find the perfect solution for any antique lamp parts dilemmas.