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Lamp Wicks

Possibly, the lamp wick is the most important component of a kerosene burner. If the wick doesn’t do it’s job of properly absorbing and transporting fuel to the top of the kerosene burner for combustion, there is little chance that the burner or oil lamp can fully reach it’s potential for providing useful illumination. Lamp Supply offers an excellent selection of high quality lamp wicks that are guaranteed to fit and function in your kerosene oil lamp. All of our lamp wicks (except for #29916 which is a special size for an imported burner) are made in the USA of thick double sewn cotton fiber. They are intended as replacement lamp wicks for old and new kerosene burners and should function flawlessly. For advice on selecting the correct wick size click on our "How To" link below the full product descriptions. ***Please click on the product photos for complete information & pricing Also see our Kerosene/Oil Lamp Hardware Guide

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