Electric & Kerosene Lamp Shade Holders

Get every part you need for your antique with our great selection of kerosene and electric lamp shade holders. These items will put the finishing touch on any lamp, giving you a strong and reliable base for your shade in seconds. Whether you are rebuilding and repairing an old antique or completing an unfinished model, these items will serve your needs perfectly. We stock only the highest quality products, so you know you are getting reliable shade holders that will look great and perform even better.

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We have many different sizes for kerosene lamp shade holders. Take time to measure your antique and ensure you are getting the right fit. This will help you save as much time and hassle as possible, as you can get the perfect part for your lamp with ease. Installation is easy; shade holders can be placed firmly on the burner in seconds. This means that you do not need to spend a great amount of time and stress getting the replacement you need. Once you have chosen the right option for your needs, the project is almost already done!

Many different designs are available for electric lamp shade holders as well. You can get an artistic look that will bring together your lamp with ease. Having a beautiful shade holder will help ensure your lamp looks its best every day. Browse our great selection of options and find the look that speaks to you! We also have banding and jewels to create an elegant look, if you are trying to create a more decorative piece.

From basic tripod lamp shade holders to solid rings, crowns, and more, you will find the largest selection of parts when you shop with us. We provide only the highest quality antique parts, so you can make repairs and replacements without worry. Enjoy long-lasting reliability and a beautiful look for your lamp, so you can finish your project and have a great piece for years to come!