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Our selection of oil lamp parts includes everything you might need to get your project in working order. These resources are invaluable for restoring vintage oil lamps, and they are helpful if you are simply replacing a broken component. We even offer an entire selection of miniature components for smaller projects.

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We offer many different oil and kerosene burners, most of which are reproductions of antique styles. This means they will complement your vintage oil lamps and other restoration projects, not only giving them an authentic aesthetic but also functioning properly and safely. The majority of these products are made from durable and attractive solid brass, and they all include high-quality wicks. We also have replacement burners for specific brands such as Aladdin and Dietz.

Collars and caps are a small, yet essential, component, and our selection includes the highest-quality solid brass products. These are crafted for a perfect fit. We offer many sizes, including large, central draft sizes, and smaller sizes for miniature burners. Wicks are another integral part that comes in a small package. These cotton wicks will ensure your burner fully illuminates by transporting fuel to the top of the burner.

Chimneys, fancy chimneys, and fonts are some of the more attractive components of your restoration project, and we offer a wide variety so you can find the perfect style. Our fancy chimneys include colorful and embossed styles, many of which are great for miniature burners. Our clear glass chimneys are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Glass fonts are a more colorful choice, and they add both functionality and style to your project. Metal fonts and tanks are also available.

Hanging hardware and shade holders allow you to add a shade or hang your finished project from a post or the ceiling. These products come in several sizes and styles, which you can choose from, to suit your needs, matching your hardware to your lamp.

Finally, we offer a wide variety of oil lamp parts made specifically for Aladdin brand products. From burners and chimneys to shade holders and wicks, we have every Aladdin component you might need to get your project up-and-running.

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