B&P Brand Electric Burner, Choice of Finish & Cord Color

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30242 - Brass burner with white cord>, on-off switch
30244 - Brass burner with brown cord, 3-way w/bottom lite
30250 - Nickel burner with clear silver cord
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30245 - Brass burner with white cord, 3-way w/bottom lite
30243 - Brass burner with clear gold cord>, on-off switch
30241 - Brass burner with brown cord, on-off switch
30246 - Brass burner with gold cord, 3-way w/bottom lite
30248 - Nickel Burner with White Cord, On-Off Switch
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Electric Burner Features:

  • U.L. listed components
  • 2" coarse thread base will fit most glass model lamps.
  • Accepts a  twist lock chimney
  • 6 ft. cord.
  • Choose Switch Type and Cord Color
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Brand B&P Lamp Supply


Caution: Electrical Hazard!

Important! You must remember that before you attempt to fit, replace, or remove any of the parts on an electric lamp or fixture you must always disconnect or unplug the lamp or fixture from any source of electricity before you begin. Simply turning the lamp "off" will not protect you from an electrical shock.

If you are not sure how to safely disconnect your lamp or fixture from its electrical source, you should contact a licensed electrician or your local power company for further instructions.

How To:

How to Choose a Replacement Kerosene Burner or Electric Adapter for your Lamp

Legal Note:

*The products identified in this advertisement are manufactured by B&P Lamp Supply, Inc. and are not licensed, inspected, or warranted by Aladdin Industries, LLC. They should not be confused with ALADDIN® brand products or parts manufactured by Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. of Clarksville, TN. ALADDIN® is a registered trademark of Aladdin Industries, LLC.

Solid Brass Electrified Burner* designed to fit Aladdin® Brand lamps and many B & P Lamp Supply lamps, assembled with U.L. listed components. 2" coarse thread base will fit most glass model lamps. Accepts a 2 5/8" regular or twist lock chimney. 6 ft. cord. Your choice of:
  • Lamp cord color
  • Burner metal finish
  • Reg. On-Off Switch
  • 3-Way Switch That Controls Bottom Nite-Lite w/7.5W Bulb - for Illuminating Glass Font (not pictured)
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