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An easy way to fix up your antique hanging light fixture is to replace the candelabra and sconce candle covers. This is an inexpensive and quick way to restore the beauty of your antique and be able to proudly display it in your home once again. Displaying a unique lighting fixture will be sure to get many compliments and questions from all of your guests.

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We are sure you do not want those questions to be negative due to unnecessary wear. It is no secret that these sleeves wear out over time by dirt, heat exposure, or simply by age. Do not let this wear show when a simple replacement would make your fixture look brand new. Since these candle sleeves can also wear unevenly, it is recommended that you replace all of the candelabra and sconce candle covers at once so your light looks uniform, instead of replacing just the one or two that may need it.

If you are looking for a product that gives you the look of real wax, then our new PolyBeesWax coverings are just what you need. These resin products are not only washable but also heat resistant. They are sure to keep their color and shape through their entire life. Individually handcrafted, each candle sleeve has a unique drip pattern. This product is offered in many different sizes and colors to give you plenty of options for what will work with your light fixture. Perfect for a rustic cabin or hunting lodge, antler sleeves are the ideal accessory to pull your décor together. These resin products offer an authentic look in various heights. For a slightly different look, try the slanted base antler sleeve.

You can change the look of your hanging light fixture instantly by changing the look of your candle covers or sleeves. With such affordable prices, it is easy to order a few different styles so you can update your home as you want. What a great update to your everyday home with a completely different look during the holidays by updating your regular lighting décor? At Antique Lamp Supply, we make this easy by offering so many unique styles to choose from.