Dietz Lanterns and Parts

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Since 1840, the Dietz Company has established itself as such a top choice with its superior variety of utility-type lanterns. Stylish and classy, these products can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Each style of Dietz Lantern is developed with a specific application in mind. Some models have higher-capacity tanks while others have become favorites due to their lightweight and portable structure. Other models are geared to provide the maximum amount of light possible. Each unique model can fit the needs of a customer in a variety of ways.

Outdoor camping trips can be illuminated and decorative rooms with a classical feel can be complemented by these unique Dietz Lanterns. Antique Lamp Supply offers a wide array in order to help customers easily acquire these unique and stylish models. Thanks to our networking efforts with various antique dealers around the company, customers have a convenient, centralized location to acquire these unique models.

In addition, we also offer a wide variety of Dietz lantern parts in order to help customers with broken or older models improve them. It can sometimes be hard to find quality parts for antique or classic style lighting fixtures. We understand this, and have a large stock of filler caps, replacement globes, replacement burners, wicks, and more.

All Dietz lanterns burn brightest with kerosene fuel but also work just fine on readily available clear lamp oil. All Dietz® lanterns come with a complete set of instructions. You can read the Dietz Lantern lighting and care instructions.

Our Dietz® brand replacement globes are heat-treated and designed for long lasting service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dietz lanterns still made?

Dietz lanterns are still being made outside of the U.S.A.

How old is my Dietz Lantern?

To help determine the month and year of manufacturing on most Dietz lanterns made between 1915 and 1956, you will be looking at the "M" or "S" production date. This date is usually located under the patent dates, most commonly found on the upper part of the air tube to the right of the fuel cap or on the center air tube on Hot Blast lanterns.

"M" denotes Dietz New York City "Main," factory#1, while "S" indicates Dietz Syracuse Factory #2, which is then followed by the month and year of production.

Stamping patent and production dates into Dietz lanterns was discontinued in 1956, coinciding with the establishment of the Hong Kong factory.

What is the brightest Dietz Lantern?

The brightest Dietz Lantern is the Dietz #76 Original Oil Burning Lantern and the Dietz #80 Hurricane Lantern.