Early Style Hall Lanterns or Bell Jar Lanterns

Hall Lanterns or Bell Jar Lanterns of this design were originally made in the early 19th century for use in British Colonial and American Colonial homes. Used to illuminate as well as to decorate entrance halls, foyers, and hallways, the hall lantern, or bell jar lantern, offered good lighting and a warm welcome to visitors of the early colonial homes. Our replica Bell Jar Lanterns are all handmade like the early 19th century originals. The glass domes and smoke bells are hand blown and have copper wheel engraved motifs. The solid brass hardware is also handmade, including the canopy, chain, bezel band with griffin head hooks, and ventilator cap. In most cases, the solid brass hardware is finished in dark bronze, which gives the brass an antique patina. Our Hall or Bell Jar Lanterns are offered in five sizes and each is equipped with 20" of adjustable drop chain. We are proud to say all our Hall Lanterns are UL Listed.

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