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Hall lanterns and antique hanging lamps can add subtle old-world style to a home, and are suitable for just about any room. A bedroom will automatically feel more sophisticated with a couple on the wall. In a living or den decorated with an antique feel, they are the kind of attractive elements that put the finishing touches to a look. These don’t take up space and give you the option of brightening dark areas or highlighting things in the room you want visitors to notice. They’re also functional and decorative for hallways and entrances, too, where they offer a comforting and inviting glow. Hall lanterns, hanging lamps and wall lamps can help you outfit any space with a great look, providing excellent decor and lighting in any space you need.

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Our collection features unique designs that are high-quality reproductions of fixtures from the early American and Victorian eras. For the true vintage enthusiast who is seeking the more obvious features of the previous time, our wall lamps are the perfect choice for authentic-looking antiques. They feature “mercury glass” reflectors, similar to 19th-century kerosene lighting. The minute you see these, you’ll recognize them from movies with an “Old West” or colonial setting. Other great options for those in the market for oil lamps are the exquisite Mammoth and Lomax Style designs. The Mammoth models are made of solid brass and feature a central draft burner, brass frame, canopy, and smoke bell. The glass was also hand-blown. The Lomax lamps have a cast iron frame, opal font, and a smoke bell. Hall lanterns are always a great choice when going for a more traditional look. They will let you add a rustic finish to any hallway, letting you create an atmosphere and decor theme that you will love for years. We have a great selection of options and styles, handmade to look like 19th century original models.

The Antique Lamp Supply stock doesn’t stop there. We offer handmade replica Bell Jar lanterns, and ornate and brightly colored Victorian Library Lamps that will rival even the most beautiful chandelier. Our supply also includes a selection of indoor and outdoor sconces. They’re far more subtle in design features than a lot of our other lighting options, so they will work well with different design styles and elements. There is so much more of our inventory, and we’ve spent 35 years perfecting the recreations of these designs. Maybe that hard-to-find piece you’ve been after has been right here all along.