Cast Iron Shelf Brackets, Hooks, Bells, and Hangers

A highly popular choice for light fixtures due to its high level of strength and classy, traditional look, cast iron will make a great addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Make sure you have the best hardware to hang your lamp or lantern with our cast iron lantern accessories. We have hangers, bells, hooks, shelf brackets, and more that will help you attach your light fixture anywhere you want it with ease. Perfect for walkways, backyards, entrances, or anywhere else you want quality illumination with a great look, this hardware is sure to become a favorite piece of your decor in no time.

One of the biggest benefits of cast iron lantern accessories is its great durability. Having been used for a wide variety of applications from cooking utensils to furniture to lights, cast iron has earned its reputation for being highly resistant to wear, weather, and more. Having been used for several generations, it also exudes a classic antique look, at first sight, helping you create an atmosphere and style to love. Our hardware has the durability to last for years, providing you the support you need to hang your lighting where you want it without fail. From attractive floral prints to playful swirls and more, there are many different designs when it comes to cast iron shelf brackets, cast iron hangers, and cast iron hooks.

It is simple to create a fantastic look with our great selection of hardware. Our cast iron lantern accessories provide a stylish Victorian look that will perfectly match your antique. There is no reason to settle for mounting hardware that does not complement the look of your favorite lamp or lantern, with our great selection you can find the right item in no time. From mini 3x4 inch brackets to full 15-inch models, you can fit any lantern without hassle. Cast iron bells and other decorative features will ensure you get the look you want. Let us help you make the best decision for your lantern so that you can get a style you love that makes your light fixture look completely natural and elegant. Click on a product image for a more detailed description of its features if you need more information. Feel free to contact us if you still need assistance choosing the best option for you; we are always ready to help!