Heavy Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Decorative cast iron shelf brackets have been used throughout the ages to provide both support and a unique style flare to traditional shelving units. These supports are reliable and sturdy yet often feature intricate Victorian Era style features. From swirls and flowers to roosters and abstract designs, the options for style are endless. Because of their attractive and detailed nature, they remain popular decorative features today. Their well-designed and often dark appearance allows them to work well with any theme or d├ęcor that already exists in a home, office or another workspace.

At Antique Lamp Supply, we embrace the beauty and craftsmanship found in these cast iron antiques. We understand that because of the popularity associated with antique items, it is hard to find authentic cast iron shelf brackets that were created thousands or even hundreds of years ago. Because of this, we strive to create quality reproductive products. By using quality cast iron materials, we can capture the well-crafted pieces of the past. In addition to our quality materials, we also model all of our reproduction pieces after authentic antiques. Mimicking these one of a kind pieces allows the beauty of the original designs to continue to be enjoyed by antique lovers around the world without sacrificing quality.

Fortunately, we can offer antique style cast iron shelf brackets in numerous sizes to accommodate any shelving needs. From 7-inch to 12-inch supports, these exquisite pieces are sure to be a perfect fit for small or large shelves. All sizes of antique brackets are also easily secured in place and ready to accommodate a shelf and all of its contents in a matter of minutes. Each of our reproductions, regardless of the size or style, features a satin black finish to fully capture the dark style that is popular amongst antiques. This satin black finish of each bracket is a perfect complement to natural wood shelves or shelves that are brightly colored. Regardless of the purpose of the shelf and brackets, they will certainly become a focal point in any room.