Miniature Oil Lamps

At the very simplest, oil lamps are just a wick or other source of flames submerged in oil or grease. While modern fixtures use a slightly more complicated process than this, they are still fairly simple machines overall. This means that these lamps do not need to waste a lot of space on their design and functionality to produce quality illumination. The result is a lamp that can dedicate more of its construction to style and elegance. There are also many miniature oil lamps as well, providing the same great lighting in a much smaller package. Because of their small size, they are highly popular as collectibles as well.

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We have many different designs that will ensure you find the perfect match for your taste. Browse our high-quality miniature oil lamps and get a light fixture that will fit in pretty much any location. Ideal for tables and desks, hanging fixtures, and more, they are a great way to add some style to your space while getting great illumination. These lamps are so popular because they resemble the look of an elegant vase or other piece of decor, making them a classy and beautiful addition to any room. Whether you are adding to your collection or simply looking for a great new look for your space, our high-quality miniature oil lamps are sure to please.

All of our options come with everything you need to enjoy a brand new light fixture in your room. Antique oil lamps include chimney and font with a perfectly matching design. Take care to look for a model that matches your needs. If you plan on actually using your new fixture for its illumination, make sure to find an option that is not for decorative purposes only. Some options cannot hold oil and will not work. They all boast intricate patterns and designs, however. Choose from many different colors and styles and find a look that you will love for years to come. We know you can find a lamp that will highlight the decor style you are going for and become the star feature of your room!