Oil or Kerosene Table Lamps

In almost every movie or show depicting the old days, you'll find oil and kerosene lamps. These were used during the days before electricity became a common household necessity. These oil table lamps, and their counterpart Kerosene table lamps were the easiest way to provide light at an affordable, albeit slightly unsafe compared to electricity, option from the golden era. Today, oil table lamps are a reminder of a simpler time in American life. They represent a return to tradition and family values of the past generations who placed importance on necessities and not extravagant luxuries. They are also a wonderful lighting option for when storms pass through and render the electricity out of order. We offer many of these simple, yet graceful fixtures and all the necessary accompaniments.

These oil fixtures all feature a durable and accurate reproduction of antique solid brass burners and glass covers from the past. Whether choosing oil or kerosene fixtures, we offer the lamp wicks and lamp chimneys with the purchase, so you have a completely functional lamp to light the modern nights with the style of the past. Reminiscent of the Victorian era, we feature hand-blown crystal kerosene table lamps with intricate and visually stunning embellishments in the glass of the burner. Even the chimneys have the option of displaying beautiful designs, depending on your preference.

These beautiful kerosene table lamps are offered in a variety of colors and can easily lend an air of elegance and grace to your home. For a more rugged appearance, we also offer oil lanterns which are great for the great outdoors when camping. These are offered in many color choices and different sizes from slender for those short evening walks in the woods or much larger models for spending time with the family at the campground. All of these quality products are crafted and manufactured by North American hands because we believe in the American tradition of hard work yielding excellence and character. We are a family run business, and we look forward to taking care of the antique lighting needs of your family today.