Victorian Library Lamps

The Victorian Library Lamp was often a focal point in the library and dining room of a Victorian home. The better examples of these hanging lamps were even more spectacular than the banquet table lamps or parlor lamps from the same period. Victorian Library Lamps, one of the grandest of all Victorian Lamps, were often decorated with embossed fonts and fabulous castings depicting flowers, cherubs, birds, starbursts, and dragonflies. Colorful prisms and jewels adorned the shade holder banding. Crowning the Victorian library lamp was the grandest of all lampshades - the 14" dome. Many embossed and optic patterns were applied to the 14" domes, as well as hand painted floral. Favorite glass colors were cranberry, ruby, blue and pink.

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We have many different Victorian library lamps that will help you get the look you want for your next light fixture. Choose the look that will suit your taste best so you can be sure to love your lamp for years to come. There are options with hobnail shades, dot optic shades, and fancy designs with hand painted patterns that will add an extra artistic touch to your lamp. With an extra splash of color, these make great pieces to base your entire decor theme from. They will look beautiful in any setting!

If you have your own shade already, we also have hanging Victorian library lamp frames that will help you get the custom design you are looking for. Simply combine your shade with our quality frame and you will have the personalized look you are after with ease. Whether you go with an entirely premade design or create a custom look, you are sure to get a lamp you will love for years with our great selection. We provide only the highest quality products with expert craftsmanship to ensure you get the vintage look you desire.

If you still have questions or need help deciding on the right Victorian library lamp for your space, feel free to contact one of our expert support representatives. We will help you get the perfect lamp so that you can get a beautiful look with quality lighting that will last for years.