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Vintage Industrial Style Lighting

Sometimes decorative efforts are more about variation and unique touches than anything else. Many desire to add some flare to their home or business, but aren’t sure of how to do so. What better way to create a look that is edgy, stylish, and unique at the same time than by using an industrial lamp?

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This style of lighting has a very distinct appearance and is sure to catch the attention of anyone who walks into your home or business.

This unique style can give any room a “Machine Age” look. The unique combination of contemporary flair and vintage color can accentuate any style choice and give a defined appearance that is hard to find otherwise. An industrial lamp or pendant light can be used to build a vintage look with our unique collection of retro shades, Edison-style spiral bulbs, glass globes, fixtures, pendants and more.

Individual pieces can be used to create a masterpiece or modify an existing piece. Vintage industrial lighting is a unique choice and can sometimes be hard to shop for. At Antique Lamp Supply, we offer a wide array of options to fit almost any design choice.

Colors, styles, shapes, and other variations are available in large quantities to give customers the options they need for their unique needs. Vintage industrial lighting is a specialized area of furniture and décor. However, thanks to the vast amount of networking our organization has done over the years with various antique dealers, we have been able to acquire a large array of choices and options.

Our staff is highly trained and would be happy to help customers make their choice when it comes to purchasing one of these unique models.

Individuals often think that any antique is a worn down model with damage from age. We maintain a high standard of quality for every piece in our inventory. Older parts and components can be replaced in order to return aged pieces to working order or to give antique pieces a new look.

Give your home or business the unique and stylish touch you need with our inventory of hard to find fixtures and parts. Contact us today for more information.