Wall Bracket Lamps

For a completely classic and artistic touch to any space, check out our great selection of wall bracket lamps. These products are mounted on any vertical surface, which enables you to have quality lighting and a great piece of decor in any area you need. Whether you are low on free space or simply wish to create a rustic, charming look, these items are the perfect addition to any home.

Convenient and useful, wall bracket lamps can light an area where there is no room for a table or floor lamps such as a room corner or narrow hallway. Our brackets are available in electric or kerosene burning models with "mercury glass" reflectors and are faithful reproductions of some of the kerosene lamps used by our ancestors. This means that they are a great choice when trying to recreate a traditional, classic look and add a new level of flavor to a room.

These lamps are also a favorite of set decorators for the motion picture industry. Many films, especially "Westerns" have used this style of lamp to give a look of realism to sets depicting 19th Century homesteads, saloons, jails, etc. Wall bracket lamps immediately evoke memories of classy street lamps instantly, making them an easy method for creating a theme for your space. You can get a great look that will bring a new life to your decor with ease!

We have the best selection of antique lamps and parts to help you make restorations and replacements easier than ever. Find everything you need to get an antique lamp that you will love for years to come. If you need help finding the perfect wall bracket lamp for your space, feel free to contact our expert support representatives. We will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect look for you!