Wall Sconces

Having beautiful light is a key ingredient to making a space feel cozy and comfortable, and will make a big difference in the overall atmosphere and feel of your home. It is not always easy to fit a light fixture into your space, however. This is where wall sconces become a fantastic option. Able to be placed in any environment without needing floor or surface space, they will provide great lighting to a wide area with ease. Also, their ability to be used independently of other decor means that you have the freedom to choose just about any design you like without worry.

Not only do wall sconces give you the freedom to add great decor and light to any room, but they also provide an opportunity to control the type of lighting you receive. Upward pointing shades will provide more ambient and accenting light, being less bright and overbearing, making them a perfect choice for studies, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. Shades that point down provide more focused and widespread lighting, great for offices or living rooms. For the best of both worlds, choose a sconce with two shades pointing in both directions, providing more light and more visibility.

We carry a wide variety of options to help you find the perfect option for your home. Our collection of wall sconces includes upward and downward facing fixtures, as well as combinations. There are also many hanging lamps with vintage styles that will add an extra artistic look to any space. From candles to lanterns, you will find an antique design to love with our fantastic options.

Our sconces are hand-made and designed with the highest quality materials, so you know you are getting a durable lighting fixture that will last for years, providing effective illumination while being a beautiful centerpiece for your decor. Find a design to love with our large selection of options! We are proud to provide the largest collection of antique lamps and hardware so you can get the look you want without hassle.