Antique Floor Lamps

As lighting technology evolved from simple candles and oil lamps, more focus was spent on extravagant decor pieces and light fixtures meant to look as good as they performed. One of the most popular additions to the lighting world is antique floor lamps. Large, tall, and elegant, they can act as the focal point of any decorative theme, creating a fantastic atmosphere by drawing attention to the illumination of the room. Because they were designed with as much emphasis on design and style as they were performance, there are many different options to choose from. With our great collection, you are certain to find a look that you will fall in love with.
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These light fixtures can be broken up into several different categories, including torchiere, bridge, and reflector lamps. While they can look wildly different, antique floor lamps all share the same basic principles. They employ the use of strong bases with sturdy supports to suspend a light fixture into the air, mimicking an outdoor lantern inside your home. Their height lets them provide great coverage with their lighting, and their small, thin frame ensures they can be placed just about anywhere. This makes them a highly flexible lighting solution for any space.

The perfect companion to chairs and other lounge equipment, bridge lamps provide direct overhead lighting that will help you relax with a great book and get the visibility you need. Their hanging fixtures provide a great opportunity to add some style to your room, able to be outfitted with an elegant and stylish lamp shade of your choosing. Browse our selection of intricate patterns and designs and find your new favorite look in no time! These are some of our most popular antique floor lamps, and we are certain you will love the look of your lighting for years to come. With a subtle yet sleek design and a beautiful lamp shade, they will be the center of your decor and provide a great atmosphere with their effective illumination.