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Strass and BrilliantCut Full Lead Clear Lamp Crystals

The term "Full Lead Crystal" refers to glass containing at least 30% lead oxide. Full lead lamp crystals have a higher index of refraction, and much greater sparkle than normal lamp crystals.We are please to offer two brands of full lead clear lamp crystals: Strass® and BrilliantCut®.

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Strass® Swarovski® Chandelier Crystals is a product line made especially for the chandelier market. STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal, which has a lead content exceeding 30% is the luxury brand name most requested by leading crystal chandelier manufactuerers and can be seen sparkling in fine homes and museums.

BrilliantCut® Chandelier Crystals are machine-made lamp crystals and are precisely cut. They contain more than 30% lead oxide creating each piece with purity and brilliance. BrilliantCut® Chandelier Crystals are an excellent quality with a wonderful look and finish at outstanding low prices.