Crystal Bead and Chandelier Chains

We offer many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs in crystal bead chains and chandelier chains. Our octagonal and graduated jewel chains are available in sizes from 9" to 39". The 14mm Strass lead crystal beaded chain is available in two sizes, one with 3 beads total and the other with 54 beads total.

Add an especially artistic touch to your light fixtures with our beautiful crystal bead chains. Useful for just about any light fixture, they will turn an ordinary design into a fantastic decor piece that resembles a fine piece of jewelry. Useful as everything from table lamp ornaments to chandelier chains, they are a very popular choice for bringing out the dazzle in any light fixture. Find the perfect look to suit your taste within our wide collection of options and create a lamp that you will love for years to come!

The reason that crystal bead chains are such a popular decoration for light fixtures is because crystal and light make the perfect pair. Each crystal on your lamp or chandelier will bend the light coming from every bulb, creating beautiful prisms and giving off a full spectrum of color. Enjoy the look of your light fixture sparkling like the most exquisite and ornate gems, creating an instantly fancy and classy look for any room. It is certain to become the center of your decor, bringing the entire look together and creating an amazing atmosphere instantly.

We have many options when it comes to lamp and chandelier chains. Our classic crystal bead chains are designed with various lengths, but all employ the use of traditional octagon crystals for a uniform bead look. Completely clear crystal ensures that they refract light spectacularly, giving you the best look possible. Brass links create a vintage background that is also highly durable, ensuring your chains last for years to come. Add in a beaded bulb cover for an extra dazzling look, completing your fixture with bulbs that will sparkle too!

There are many different length chains in our selection, giving you the freedom to order as much as you need for any fixture. Order chains up to one meter in length and get plenty of crystal bead links to work with. You can create the design of your vision in no time at all with our quality products!