Crystal Beads and Trimmings

As most antique lovers will tell you, there are details and ornamentation in antiques rarely found in modern designs. When it comes to modern light fixtures, many are constructed with metals as their centerpiece. While this makes them look sleek and chic, they are left lacking the character and grace of the past. Antique lighting features many beautiful and intricate design details not found in modern lighting. Crystal prisms and other crystal lamp trimmings or beads are used on many antique lamps and chandeliers, which gives them an elegance and appeal lacking in modern light fixtures today. Our selection of exquisite crystal lamp trimmings and beads is unmatched in both variety and quality.

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We offer crystal prisms that have been hand-crafted with care and precision by American artisans passionate about their craft. This passion shows in the stunning crystal ornamentations we proudly offer. We have many of the most popular designs in crystal lamp trimmings, such as star pendants, rosette beads, melon shaped prisms, and more.

An overwhelmingly popular design of lamps and chandeliers of the past included displaying crystal fruit trimmings. Fruit has long been associated with wealth since the beginning of civilization because only the wealthy could afford such luxuries as pears and grapes. It is no surprise that the elite of the early 20th century would choose to immortalize their wealth with crystal lamp trimmings in the shape of fruit. We offer many crystal fruit prisms, including pears, apples, and grapes, to add a touch of throwback to another era in classic antique lighting. Whether searching for a replacement of a broken trimming or looking to update an existing design to create a new spin on an old fixture, we have many options available to help you complete your repair or restoration project in no time. We are happy to assist you in any way on the road to beautiful antique lighting.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about any of these crystal lamp and chandelier trimmings, or any of our fine products, and we appreciate that you share our passion for antique lamps. Order today to make your lamp shine like new!