Crystal Bobeches and Dishes

A relatively subtle piece of hardware that is often out of mind, but never out of sight, the “drip pan” or bobeche of your light fixture is an important piece to keep looking spectacular. You might be surprised the difference having a brand new crystal bobeche can make for your lamp or chandelier. Whether you are designing a new light fixture or repairing an old one, we have a variety of crystal dishes that will suit your needs perfectly. Browse our large selection of options and get a design that both fits your fixture and looks amazing for your decor.

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Originally designed to catch the wax off candles, crystal bobeches are still a popular choice today for any design of lamp. From classic antiques to modern electric light fixtures, there are many uses for this hardware. Crystal is a great choice to improve the look of any model because it reflects and bends light to create shining prisms of color, much like a dazzling piece of jewelry. For this reason, having crystal dishes below your light sources will help ensure your lamp or chandelier looks as spectacular as possible.

We have many different options when it comes to crystal bobeches. Find sizes ranging from two to twelve inches to fit your light sources perfectly. From cups to dishes, many styles are possible. There are different engraved patterns that will help draw out the pure beauty of your light fixture, from clear and smooth to pressed spirals, diamonds, crisscross, facets, and more. Get the intricate and ornate look you want for your light fixture with our great selection!

Click on a product image to get a more detailed description if you need more information. You can find the perfect fit for your light fixture and get crystal dishes that will help it shine more every day. If you still need assistance choosing the right hardware for your lamp or chandelier, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help!