Crystal Bodies and Breaks

Decorating a home is a matter of personal preference when choosing the paint colors, curtains, and lighting fixtures to create your dream home. Sometimes you like a lighting fixture choice that may clash with your other home décor decisions. However, crystal glass is a timeless choice that will make decorating easier. A lighting fixture featuring crystal glass is a beautiful home décor selection that will complement any style or color scheme. Many antique and vintage lamps used crystal glass bodies and breaks to add an elegant element to the basic necessity of proper lighting. Our varied inventory features both pressed glass and cut glass for all your lamp restoration or repair projects. Every piece offered in our expansive inventory has been beautifully hand-crafted and polished to give the signature elegance of crystal glass style accessories.

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Whether you are looking to replace a broken chandelier or replace the cover from antique lamp, we offer many high quality and visually stunning crystal glass bodies and breaks. From different cuts such as spears, olives, and melon to a variety of designs including criss-cross, diamond, and ribbed, our inventory has the crystal glass bodies and breaks to restore beauty and elegance to your favorite antique lighting fixture. We even offer customization of sizes on certain products of crystal glass bodies and breaks to ensure you get exactly the right part for your individual lamp or chandelier. With our wide breadth of antique and lighting knowledge, let us help guide you to the best solution to your restoration or repair issue. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the exceptionally crafted products we offer.

As your top source for antique lamp supplies and more, we value the commitment we have made to always provide our customers not only the best products but also the best prices and outstanding customer service. Our skilled staff loves antique lamps as much as you do! With our passion for lighting needs and our expansive inventory, let us find the perfect part for your lamp today!