Crystal Chandelier Balls

With the beauty of a gem, having crystal chandelier balls is like having a piece of jewelry on display for your home. Designed to reflect light beautifully, they are very eye catching and will be the centerpiece for your decor with ease. These items are a great way to show off some style and class, giving you total freedom to customize your chandelier with a great look that you will love every day. They add a touch of elegance to whatever room they are placed in, providing you beauty and functionality. Whether you are wanting to provide a room with quality light, or merely want a piece for decoration, there are options that will serve your needs perfectly.

Often, Crystal Chandelier Balls or Crystal Faceted Balls are the focus of a crystal chandelier because they usually mount below the chandelier body and are closest to the viewer. Thoughtful lighting restorations are made with this fact in consideration. Our wonderful selection gives you many choices regarding size and style. For the highest level of light reflection and sparkle, choose faceted options. They diffuse light in every direction, mimicking the beauty of a high-quality diamond or gem. Smooth options sparkle less brilliantly, making them less distracting if you are looking for more of a light fixture and less of a decoration. They are still a beautiful feature for your chandelier, however!

All of our crystal chandelier balls are masterfully crafted with the finest materials to ensure they last for as long as possible. Hand cut and polished, they will provide the best look possible for your chandelier. Get a beautiful look that expresses your style and you will love your chandelier for years to come!