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Our ancestors didn’t have the option of switching from kerosene oil to electricity, but nowadays with just a few electric lamp adapters you can transform your antique lamp into an electric oil lamp, and another preserved item from the old world into an electric lamp. When you want to turn your kerosene light into an electric oil lamp, you need the right parts for functionality, but you also want to use components that won’t damage your antique, or create a fire hazard. We have a variety of electrified lamp burners for you to choose from, and there are enough finishes to complement your lamp.

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We have many solid brass options that fit a lot of chimneys. We also carry several different styles of burners that work with Aladdin lights. Some of our burners are even dazzling enough to rival the beauty of your lamp. Our Queen Anne Cut-Out Burner sets the standard for burners. Featuring a finish reminiscent of the Victorian era, this piece is made from heavy gauge solid brass and has a stylish prong design. It’s perfect for your 3-inch diameter base chimneys.

The right fit between the burner and lamp collar is vital, and when the two parts are put together, there can’t be any slack; otherwise you’re at risk of starting a fire. You also don’t want to create a situation where you inadvertently ruin your antique. For example, if the burner and lamp collar don’t fit together properly, the lampshade and chimney might be too heavy for the burner, or the pieces could slip out and break. Always make sure to test the fit of burner and lamp collar before assembling the entire electric oil lamp.

We also have a lot of special electric lamp adapters for you to turn one of your other early pieces into an electric lamp. Create a beautiful glow outdoors on a summer night using antique bottles and jars. Throw a dinner party and impress your guests by electrifying a few candlesticks around the room. There are electric gallery adapters, electric adapters for oil lamps, Mason jar adapters, jug adapters, and much more in gorgeous finishes in our collection. Choose our electrical components, and let Antique Lamp Supply bring a little bit of lighting magic to your antiques.