Junior Floor Lamp Shades

Floor lamp shades from Antique Lamp Supply are the perfect way to beautify a precious heirloom, your favorite reading light, or the unique centerpiece in your living area. Available in an array of fabrics, styles, and colors, you have a variety of choices for restoring or updating an old light.

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We stock 100% pure silk floor lamp shades as well as Deco-style fringed and Victorian varieties that are sure to enhance any repair or restoration project. Standing light varieties have enjoyed popularity for decades; with open-top coverings, they offer diffuse, broad lighting over big areas. The lighting is easy on the eye but also bright enough to provide adequate light for reading.

When selecting your replacement floor lamp shades, the actual lighting they will offer needs to be taken into consideration. Consider your room’s décor (particularly the paint or wallpaper color), how you use the lighting (for reading, decoration, or general light), if you have one light or a pair of lights, and whether you will be using the lighting fixture in addition to natural light.

Other elements to consider when making your selection include the shape of the base. For instance, a round and curvy base may call for a slightly sloped or curved covering whereas a rectangular or square base requires a similarly-shaped cover. The more elaborate the base, the simpler the covering you should choose. The style of the covering should also complement the base. Fortunately, fitting the coverings is easy—we’re happy to help advise you on the best way to do so.

We also stock a range of accessories and parts for all your repair projects. Please have a look through our collection of unique and hard-to-find items as well as our specialty stock. We are sure you will find some treasures to enhance your room or act as an eye-catching focal point. When you are ready to place your order, simply enter the required quantities and head to check out. We accept a range of payment options and will endeavor to process your order and have it delivered to your door in 3 – 7 days. Please contact us if you require assistance.