Lamp Shades Supplies - Harps, Bulb Clips, and Other Shade Mounting Hardware

Lighting fixtures are an important part of any room’s décor. In addition to providing lighting, they also add a unique sense of style and flare that can complete any look or accentuate any design choice. Dedicated decorators know that sometimes the most subtle touches can make the biggest difference. This is especially true when it comes to lighting fixtures.

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Of course the coverings used on these fixtures are also very important. They control the light and provide the right amount of shade and blockage needed to keep these fixtures from being too intrusive or overpowering. However, it can sometimes be difficult to properly fasten these coverings to the fixtures properly, especially on older models.Antique Lamp Supply offers a wide variety of lamp shade parts to help you fasten the covering over your fixture properly. Older models can sometimes be difficult to find components for, but we understand this problem as well. Thanks to our networking efforts with antique dealers throughout the years, we have acquired a large amount of lamp shade parts for antique and vintage models.

In order to offer customers the complete package, we also list instructions on how to choose the correct lamp shade parts and we offer instructions on how to install them. From harps, to risers, to special adapters, we have plenty of lamp shade parts to handle any need you may have. Keeping each component in top shape can be tough, so it can be more beneficial to buy extra parts which can come in handy later. Older models can be restored to proper functionality or fitted with new coverings in order to add more style. Whether for a home, a business, or an antique collection, these components can come in very handy.

Don’t settle for a warped, misshapen, or poorly-fitted light fixture or covering. Improve your décor and light up your room of choice by using the right components for the job. Our dedicated staff members are ready and willing to help you choose the right parts and become comfortable with the installation process. Contact us today to fix or modify your light fixture or its covering.