Lamp Shade Mounting Adapters

There is nothing quite like having a beautiful antique lamp to light your room, providing great illumination while also looking classy and stylish all on its own. A great lamp is always a good addition to any space, but having the right hardware to include your lighting is sometimes a difficult task. Check out our selection of high-quality lamp shade mounting adapters and get the tools you need to match any fitter for your shades. We have all the parts you need crafted from the best materials, so you can rest assured that you are receiving great durability and reliability for your lamp.

We have all the lamp shade mounting adapters you need to match your fittings with ease. Lamp shades are a very important accessory for every antique, providing great protection while also giving you control over the power and quality of the lighting. Also, they simply give you an easy method for changing the overall look in seconds, and being able to swap out shades for a new look is a great way to change your decor without spending a fortune. Having flexible adapters will enable you to use more types of shades, not only ensuring you get the perfect fit for your favorite look but that you can use more options to suit your taste.

We have the hardware to swap from washer to clip-on fitters, UNO to washer, bulb clip fitters, and more. All of our products are constructed from brass and nickel that provides a strong, long-lasting design with a sleek finish, guaranteed to look great and perform for years. This selection of hardware will allow you to use whatever shade you want with your antique, so you can get the look you desire with ease. Enjoy the perfect antique for your home when you use our high-quality lamp shade mounting adapters to complete your design!