Lamp Shades With Fringe, Beaded Fringe

Bring the beauty of Victorian style lighting into your home with a beaded or fringe lamp shade. Our designs are perfect for the collector who is new to vintage glamour, or who has enjoyed opulent décor for a long time. Maybe your living room is missing the special piece that will tie the whole setting together, or you want to liven up a drab bedroom with elegant touches. No matter your decorating desires, Antique Lamp Supply has what you need to achieve an old world look.

For the customer seeking a fringe lamp shade style for a table, the Bridge UNO Victorian is a wonderful choice. Made of Poly-Blend material, it features beautiful Wild Rose Design panels lined with braided trim and tassels. If you’re interested in brightening up a few corners around the house, we have identical Victorian style floor versions. The Bridge UNO Victorian is also available in a pleated option with Rose Lace side panels. All these looks come in neutral tones, which are versatile and will coordinate easily with most color palettes.

Beaded lamp shades are suitable for buyers who have a love for the truly ornate. There are a variety of materials to choose from. Ivory embroidered lace, available in three different shapes, looks like a genuine heirloom piece. It would be a great accent and contrast for furnishings in dark handcrafted wood, a characteristic of the Victorian style. The pleated chiffon and embroidered design, which comes in two shapes, is a statement piece that will work well in a space that has an overall antique feel, but it will still be the star of the room. Want to add an eclectic element to your home that’s sure to be a conversation starter? The velvet or chiffon and lace mix is your best bet since both are available in bold colors that will add a lot of character to a setting. Regardless of your preference, all of our beaded lamp shades feature real glass beads, fringe, satin lining, and a ribbon-wrapped frame.

High-quality craftsmanship is evident in everything at Antique Lamp Supply. We are the one-stop shop for the classic pieces that fans of the Victorian era are after.