Aladdin® Style Glass Lamp Shades

First introduced to the market in 1909, Aladdin lamps were an innovative and safer way for Americans to light their homes during the evening hours. Compared to their kerosene counterparts, these lamps were not only brighter, but they were safer and easier to maintain. Still a popular choice with modern-day collectors and antique lovers, Aladdin is an Ohio-based lamp company creating stunningly accurate replicas of Aladdin lamp shades, and other lamp parts, for these stunning throwbacks to a simpler time in life.

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We offer a diverse array of impeccable Aladdin lamp shades to help turn your lighting restoration project into an easy makeover. We offer a variety of models of Aladdin lamp shades which are ideal for table lamps, hanging lamps, and bracket lamps. Regardless of what type of lamp you are looking to restore, all of our replicas of Aladdin lamp shades have been carefully crafted by skilled artisans for a perfect shade every time. Hand-blown and painstakingly hand etched for an authentic antique look, these stunning shades are offered in both traditional satin glass and opal glass, as well as in cased glass for a pop of color. Whether looking for a ribbed pattern to add dimension to your lighting fixture or a shade displaying exquisite hand-painted artwork for extra attention to detail, our inventory has the perfect shade to make your next restoration project a successful endeavor. All of these impeccable covers have been crafted with care and immaculate attention to render a replica so accurate it will look like an original part.

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