American Made Glass Lamp Shades

Whether you are looking to support local businesses or simply want to ensure your light fixtures are made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, our American made glass lamp shades are the perfect thing for you. Lamp shades are a fantastic opportunity for putting a stylish finishing touch on your lamps. They are important for diffusing and shielding the light source to ensure the illumination you get is comfortable and even, but they are also highly decorative and capable of being customized to your taste. By purchasing products made in the United States, you can enjoy a great standard of quality with many different traditional designs.

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Many of our shades have designs that are no longer in production, so you can easily find your favorite antique styles. Choose from dozens of American made glass lamp shades with looks that will bring back decades past. For generations glass shades have been used for their durability and flexibility, able to create a beautiful look on any light fixture. We know you will find something to fall in love with when you browse our large collection of options. From antique oil and kerosene lamps to modern electric fixtures, there are endless applications for glass shades and they will help you instantly revitalize the look of any lamp.

Choose from various sizes to match your light fixture to get the best fit and look possible. We have shades ranging from six inches up to eighteen inches so you can find the right size. Many different designs are possible, from smooth to hobnail to ribbed to embossed and more, with many different colors and patterns to complement the look. With so many options, you can find something to love in no time. Get a look that complements the rest of your decor and enjoy a light fixture that flows seamlessly into your space, or make it the center of attention with a flashy and elegant shade. Best of all, with our American made glass lamp shades, you will never have to worry about the reliability of your hardware. All of our products have been masterfully crafted from top manufacturers around the nation to ensure they last for years to come.