Angle Lamp Chimneys and Elbows

Nearly a century ago, angle lamp chimneys and angle lamp elbows came together to create a new style of lamp that was both stylish and effective. One of the most notable features of Angle lamps were their ability to provide great light with no under shadow. Their unique light diffusion caused by the elbow design made them more attractive, and they remain a respected design to this day. Many people still desire the elbow look, and we have all the parts you need for your antique lamp.

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This style lamp uses a bottom elbow that connects to the lamp. A specially designed chimney sits on this piece. Angle lamps were designed with the wick at an angle to direct the light to the point where it was needed. You will see a double arm version most often along with a three arm fixture. There were also some wall sconces made in this style. Altogether, they create a great vintage look that will instantly stand out, adding a great artistic touch to any space.

We have many different styles of angle lamp chimneys and angle lamp elbows. Clear, hand blown designs provide the best light possible while also creating a beautiful reflection that will add a touch of style to your lamp. Frosted models are also a possibility, giving you the chance to add some extra style to your lamp with beautiful etched art. We also have opal designs that will give you the perfect highlight to your lamp, contrasting with the design to make it a true piece of art.

If you need help finding the right parts to fit your antique, feel free to contact our expert support. We will ensure you get the right match so that you can enjoy the lamp you want with ease. Find the best angle lamp elbows and angle lamp chimneys with our great selection and finish your project in no time!