Art Deco Slip Shades & Figural Lamp Shades

Around a hundred years ago, one style in particular rose in popularity to become an iconic part of lamp history. Art Deco lamp shades take a considerable level of effort to provide an artistic and decorative style that is the signature of their name. By combining fantastic patterns and styles with various themes that take inspiration from many major influences of art, including geometry, animals, and the human form, these lamps become works of art in their own regard. We are proud to provide many different slip designs that will help you restore and repair your antique figural lamp shades. By making quick replacements with our high-quality options, you can get the look you love again and bring out the best in your lamp.

Designed from beautiful hand-blown glass, our shades are a sight to behold. You can find any kind of style, including caramel, satin, champagne, multi-color, amber, and clear colors that will match the look of your lamp and complement the decor of your room. With designs ranging from batwing to Markel to simple globe, there is something to suit and taste. Find the perfect Art Deco slip shade for your fixture and get a look you can enjoy every day. Lamp shades are the perfect way to add a finishing touch to any light fixture, and they add a great opportunity to express some personality and artistic vision. Take advantage of our high-quality options and ensure your lamp looks its best!

It is never a bad time to add some extra artistic flair to your light fixtures. Lamp shades are a very old tradition, allowing users to block off the light source to reduce glare and improve diffusion. This helps the lamp create a better atmosphere and provide more comfortable lighting. They can accomplish this job without using a particularly specific design, however, giving them a lot of flexibility for artistic input. Whether you are looking for Art Deco slip shades or figural lamp shades, our selection of beautiful options will help you get the best illumination possible while also providing you with a fantastic look. Let us help you find the right match for your taste with our extensive collection!