Art Glass and Aurene (Iridescent) Lamp Shades

Glass lamp shades were already close to an art form when the studios of Tiffany, Quezal, and Steuben started making shades at the beginning of the 20th century. However, with their stunning techniques and precise attention to detail, they helped popularize the use of Iridescent lamp shades. These exquisite art glass lighting covers with their stunning use of colors and texture have become a statement element in the style of any room. Featuring bold blending of colors for an almost faded appearance, these iridescent lamp shades offer stunning beauty to any light fixture.

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We are pleased to offer a diverse array of options for iridescent lamp shades ideal for antique lamps and light fixtures. Offered in a variety of designs, including trumpet, tulip, squash, flame, grapes, and lily, these art glass shades have been crafted by passionate artisans using the same hand-blown glass techniques used in the past when these pieces of art were originally being made, so you get a replica with stunning accuracy. Whether looking for a simple tulip lamp shade with subtle colors or a flame cover with deep purples and blues for a bolder look, these impeccable lighting covers can easily transform any room from boring to unique. We even offer the unique and hard to find poppy light cover featuring sleek curves and graceful lines. These stunning light fixtures allow for any light fixture to be easily transformed into a new and exciting antique, while still retaining the old-fashioned charm many people love about antiques and collectibles. Find your perfect colorful shade today with any of these impeccable options.

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