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Gas Style Glass Lamp Shades

Our replacement glass lamp shades for gas lighting fixtures are styled after vintage lamp shades from the Victorian era. Historically, gas lighting represented a major milestone in lighting technology. For the very first time, fuel for illumination was delivered to homes & businesses via underground pipes by companies serving relatively large geographical areas. The consumer was no longer burdened with having to physically transport or re-fuel lighting devices. The light, as long as the bills were paid and the gas flowed, stayed on with out interruption. Gas lighting was born and pretty much passed away during the Victorian era. Therefore, the style of most gas fixtures and the typically beautiful, adorning glass lamp shades were strongly influenced by Victorian design. We offer many gas shades designs, some of which are exact recreations of those made before and shortly after the turn of the 20th century. ***Please click on the product photos for complete information & pricing

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