Gas Style (Matching) Fixture Glass Lamp Shades

Gas lamp shades with matching fixture (electric) lamp shades. Electric lighting came along several years after gas lighting had gained widespread use in urban areas. Electrical service, as supplied the pioneers of electric utilities, was not yet as dependable as gas service and was prone to daily outages. To remedy this problem, the lighting manufacturers during that time decided to offer fixtures that could be powered with both gas and electricity to insure some degree of illumination would be available even if electrical service was interrupted. Their solution was the gas-electric fixture and this is where our matching gas fixture lamp shades come in very handy. These gas-electric hanging fixtures were often very ornate and had arms that "pointed up" to properly burn gas, and "pointed down" to take better advanage of the new electric light that, unlike gas light, could be directed downward to more efficiently illuminate areas of indoor activity such as reading or navigating dark hallways. Electric light is significantly cooler than gas light, so the glass fixture (electric) shades could be made smaller, and cheaper, and fit closer to the light source than gas shades without the risk of breaking from the heat. However, finding old replacement gas and fixture shades that match each other is often difficult and expensive. That is why Lamp Supply offers these matching gas-fixture shades in many styles that will compliment these beautiful antique and early style gas-electric fixtures. ***Please click on the product photos for complete information & pricing

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