Fixture and Gas Style Lamp Shades

At the beginning of the Victorian era, a time in which ordinary homes were being transformed by wonderous technological advances and avant-garde ideas or elegant and delicate designs, most homes were lit simply by candles and oil lamps. Beginning early in the 19th century, most streets of London became lit by gas as early as 1816. 50 years later with gas fittings introduced in Houses of Parliament, the tides turned for gas lighting and town houses began outfitting central pendant gas lighting, wall brackets, and eventually, the invention of gas mantles in 1897 that could burn downwards was designed, truly bringing the ability to light up an entire room.

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The style of the Victorian era gas style glass lamp shades was strongly influenced at this time before electricity was invented. Many of them were entirely exclusive to that time, not seen again as the simpler, lighter first shades for electric lights in the Art Nouveau movement that came after.

Some of the most memorable, imaginable and stunning gasoliers (chandeliers), gas wall brackets and more were affixed with the most beautiful glass shades. If you are looking to replace a broken or missing heirloom gas style glass lamp shade, we can offer a gas shade that is an exact recreation of those made before and shortly after the turn of the 20th century. Each glass shade is made with the utmost care to exact details that are hand-made or hand-cut, making them virtually indistinguishable from the originals.

Bring back the romanticism of an era of refinement, sophistication, and history with the highest-quality gas style lamp shades and enjoy a look of timeless style for years to come. These shades are a statement of class, beauty and rarity that will bring any room that ageless appeal handed down from generation to generation.