Hurricane Style Glass Lamp Shades

Whenever a new style of lighting fixtures is introduced, they become a popular household item and the most beloved become eventual treasures for collectors and antique lovers. One of the most prevalent types of antique lighting are hurricane lamp shades. Their graceful curves and elongated shape have made them a highly sought after antique part by many. They remind people of a simpler time in American lives and are still used in many households. The use of glass Hurricane lamp shades can create a sense of frontier living with modern amenities. We are pleased to offer a diverse selection of these stunning glass lighting covers to help you evoke the past in today’s hectic present.

Our carefully chosen selection of glass hurricane lamp shades offers the highest quality of craftsmanship available on the market. The magnificence of these stunningly accurate replicas will surely impress any antique lover. Hand-blown by skilled artisans and hand-etched with immaculate design patterns, these exquisite hurricane lamp shades are available in many different models and able to accustom a variety of fitters. Whether searching for clear glass free of adornments for a simplistic beauty, stunning hand-cut clear glass with exquisite artwork or patterns to create a sophisticated air of elegance, or a colorful cranberry glass with a variety of designs etched on the surface for a stylish display, we have the options you need to make your lighting fixture the center of attention in any room. Offered in a variety of sizes to ensure you always get the perfect shade for your lamp, these impeccable glass lamp shades can bring back the beauty to your favorite fixture in no time.

With over 60 years of being your source for antique lighting repair and restoration needs, at Antique Lamp Supply we are honored to offer a carefully selected inventory of only the highest standards. Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service is the driving force behind our entire operation, and we look forward to being a part of your lighting repair or restoration project. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our expansive inventory today!