Laurel and Mid Century Modern Lamp Shades

Create a great new custom look for your lamps with our selection of Mid-Century Modern Lamp Shades and Laurel Lamp Company shades. These products will give you the options you need to create a classic, vintage look that will bring back memories from decades past. These stylish looks will help you put the finishing touch on your antique, giving it a fresh new look that is beautiful, but also elegant. Get a great new centerpiece for your decor with these remarkable shades!

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Our Mid-Century Modern Lamp Shades and Laurel Lamp Company shades are of very high quality and are hand-blown to replicate the nuanced beauty of lighting and furnishings from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. The clear and genuine opal glass "neckless" ball shades may be mounted to our Neckless Ball Holder Kits to create a stunning pendant. Choose from various mushroom and teardrop designs to get the perfect look for your lamp.

Choose from many different shapes to get the exact look you desire. Mushroom and ball styles are highly popular, but there are also cylinders, acorn, tiered, pendant, and more. Curved designs make for a great accent to any space, providing a sleek and refined look for your lamp. A more rigid look will stand out, drawing everyone’s attention to your beautiful lamp with ease. Choose a style that reflects your decor and you can be sure you will love your lamp for years to come!

Glass lamp shades are a great opportunity to add some extra style to your lamp. When you browse our collection of mid-century modern lamp shades and Laurel Lamp Company shades, you are certain to find a look that you will love. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help offer assistance in measuring your lamp, or finding the perfect shade for your taste.