Panlight Shades and Shower Fixture Shades

Lighting fixtures have always been an easy way to make a statement about style and taste preferences. From the grandeur of stunning chandeliers to the quiet elegance of art deco lamps, lighting fixtures have long been a status symbol in American culture. While some items are staples in any era, others tend to trend at varying highs and lows in popularity at any given time. With a resurgence in popularity in recent years, panlight shades and shower fixture shades are two styles on the rise in many homes and businesses. These sleek and stylish options offer a delightful option to update any lighting fixture for an elegant reminder of the past.

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We offer a diverse inventory of both panlight shades and shower fixture shades in a variety of sizes and cuts. These exceptional lighting covers have all been hand-blown by meticulous artisans for a perfect replica of the styles of the past. Featuring hand-etched and hand-painted artwork and designs, these exquisite shades have been spared no expense in the creation process. Whether looking for a classic white shade embossed with traditional leaves and flowers, a brown tinted shade with wreath designs, or hand-painted fixture shade displaying a stunning representation of a winter landscape, we have the most impeccable light fixture covers and shades to meet your needs. Whether looking for panlight shades exactly like the original or shower fixture shades with a different style to mix things up, our inventory of exquisitely crafted shades and covers offers the variety and options you need to create the lamp or fixture you desire.

With over six decades as your source for all needs related to antique lighting, we are honored to continue doing what we love. We are deeply knowledgeable about antique lighting, and our interest allows us to offer you the most carefully chosen selection of items designed to the highest standards of both quality and appearance. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the impeccable products we proudly offer. Call or order online to get started on your lighting renovation or upgrade today!