Cased Style Student Glass Lamp Shades

Glass blowers have been creating art out of raw materials for a long time. The student cased glass lamp shades we offer are one example of the careful craftsmanship of skilled glass blowers. While many novices to antique lighting would falsely assume these glass covers had been painted to achieve a certain color, the reality is that most of these covers are two different layers of glass. Since the days of the Victorian era, cased glass lamp shades have been created by combining two layers of glass in molten form on top of each other using a tool known as a pontil. Once the glass is forcibly blown into a mold, it hardens into the popular shades that have made many antique lamps and lighting fixtures into home-front favorites.

We offer a wide selection of cased glass lamp shades to choose from in a variety of colors. With both smooth and ribbed shades, we offer many stylistic choices, from artichoke embossed to diamond quilted patterns. We use Viviane glass imported from France, but all our high quality glass lamp shades are expertly handcrafted in America. They are offered in many width and height specifications. We would be happy to suggest the right student cased glass lamp shades for your lighting fixtures today. Find your perfect shade to add the touch of vintage vibes to your home or business today.

At Antique Lamp Supply, we aim to bring you the best selection for your needs. We know it can be a struggle to find the perfect part for your antique light fixtures. Let us eliminate the hassles and headaches with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We would never sell you an item we did not believe to be the best in the business. We have close relationships with the biggest names in antique lamp supply necessities. We proudly use a dealer network utilizing over 6,000 connections to bring together our expansive inventory. Call or order online today to see the difference such an extensive network can make in your search for the perfect lamp shade.