Hobnail Style Student Glass Lamp Shades

As electrical lighting became more popular and more accessible throughout the world, it was not long before people started to realize the benefit of having beautiful lamp shades to accompany their lighting fixtures. Student glass shades have always been a highly popular option for their ability to be finely sculpted and decorated, providing a sleek look for any lamp. In the earliest parts of the 20th century, hobnail lamp shades became a highly popular choice, using a signature bumpy pattern that provided a great accent to any fixture.

While not a native creation of this time period, the Fenton Glass Company revived a famous Victorian style for their glass shades. The ability to create hand-blown glass shades with various open-topped designs was a rousing success, allowing people to get a look that resembled gas or kerosene lamps for their electric models. These hobnail lamp shades provided a new style entirely, becoming an instant classic that is still enjoyed to this day.

All of our shades are made from the highest quality materials and are sure to last for years, providing you with a beautiful look that you will enjoy every day. Choose from various sizes including 7 and 10-inch fitters to match your lamp. With different colors such as opal, ruby, and more, you can get the perfect look to fit your decor and ensure you get a beautiful addition to any room. Take time to select hobnail lamp shades that will bring out the best style in your antique without being distracting. Student glass shades are perfect for the job, being highly stylish and tasteful.

We know how difficult it can be to find the best hardware to make your antique shine beautifully. That is why we provide the largest collection of high-quality hardware so you can find everything you need to make sure your lighting fixtures are the best they can be. If you need more information or assistance finding the right match for your antique, feel free to contact our expert support representatives. We will be happy to help you get the look you desire!