Melon Style Student Glass Lamp Shades

When choosing the best glass shade for an antique fixture, it really comes down to visual preference. Some lamp owners like a sleek spear cut to elongate the appearance of the fixture. Other lamp owners may prefer a rounder cut glass cover, such as melon student lamp shades, to add a more traditional look to their favorite lighting. These lamp shades get their name from the shape of the shade. They are known to feature a large, smooth surface with panels expanding the entire scope of the shade. With their popularity peaking in the early 1900’s, melon student lamp shades make for an obvious choice for many antique lamps. Much like their ribbed glass shade counterparts, these melon-shaped shades should have evenly spaced panels of equal sizing and uneven gaps along the dome. They should also be made with a smooth bottom for the placement of the fitter or shade holder.

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We offer a variety of styles to choose from, including different patterns of crimp tops with carefully molded designs to smooth tops, and in many different colors. We even feature beautiful artwork skillfully hand-painted with the utmost of care. Hand painted melon student lamp shades were all the rage in the early 20th century. Such was the artistic vision, and stunning quality of these hand painted lamp shades that some antique lamps with the original hand painted shades have sold for an impressive amount of money, as they were highly sought after by antique collectors. Our high quality, American made melon student lamp shades can easily evoke the same elegance and class of the lighting fixtures of the past. Many of our parts are available in a variety of sizes so you can always find the right fit for your lamp shade.

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