Ribbed Style Student Glass Lamp Shades

When searching for antique lamp accessories, it is important to inspect every piece available for imperfections. It also usually helpful to have a basic amount of background information on the piece you are seeking. When choosing ribbed glass lamp shades for student style lamps, there are a few essential facts worth knowing as an informed shopper. A ribbed glass lamp shade features vertical ribs that encircle the shade from fitter to neck. These popular student ribbed glass lamp shades come in two distinctive patterns known as straight ribs and rib swirls. Ribbed shades should feature evenly spaced ribs throughout the entire shade as opposed to ribs of varying widths, which may mean it was not crafted with care. When inspecting ribbed glass lamp shades for quality, always closely examine the sizes or widths of the ribs near the joint of the shade, as it is easier to spot imperfections in that area of the shade.

We offer a diverse selection of student ribbed glass lamp shades to add an authentic antique element to your light fixtures. Our American manufactured lamp covers are crafted with the utmost of care by skilled glass blowing artisans. The amount of attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship shows in the result of these exquisite shades.

There are many benefits to choosing a glass cover as opposed to fabric. Glass tends to outlast fabric and won't suffer the black scorch marks some fabric lamp shades incur from a bulb that may be too hot. Glass is also easier to clean than fabric shades. Lamp covers made of glass need to be replaced less frequently than fabric shades, which makes them a solid investment for your light fixtures.

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