Tam-O-Shanter Lamp Shades

As lamp technology increased, student lamp shades became a popular feature for their ability to reduce glare and add extra style to a lamp. Many designs were created, from Tam-O-Shanter lamp shades to Opal to etched designs and more. Today, many of these styles are still popular, and they are a great way to add an artistic touch to your lamp in seconds. Find the perfect lampshade to match your taste and get a beautiful look with ease!

One of the most classic student glass shade shapes are the Tam-O-Shanter lamp shades. Much like the Scottish style hat (for which the shade shares its name), the Tam-O-Shanter design has a noticeable and unique bulge around the middle of the shade. This gives it an authentic vintage look while also providing a great canvas for further customization. You can add a lot of personal style to your lamp by using a quality shade, and the glass design provides a great opportunity for beautiful details.

Our selection of Tam-O-Shanter lamp shades includes many different patterns that will give your lamp an extra touch of artistic vision. Floral prints are available if you like a bit of a color. Etched crystal will give an elegant feel, providing a rich contrast with the light. Plain Opal is the most common, diffusing the perfect amount of light to provide a great look without distracting from the rest of the lamp’s design. Whatever look you are going for, you are sure to find it within our great selection!

We provide the highest quality parts so that people all over the nation can get the antiques they desire. Let us help you find the right antique lamp parts for your needs, so you can start enjoying your new beautiful lamp in no time!