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Lamp technology and design has grown more and more over the years, and as better parts and more efficient designs were developed, the focus of light fixtures slowly changed from function to design. Electric lamps made light fixtures powerful and affordable, and many people started to look toward ensuring their light fixtures were as beautiful as they were functional. This is where having a great lamp shade comes in, as it can completely change the look and style of a fixture instantly. With over a century of extensive history, there are few designs quite as iconic and recognizable as student glass lamp shades.

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Lamps that use glass shades and rest on desks or tables are typically referred to as Students. Student glass lamp shades are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to these light fixtures. They have an iconic round, wide bottom with a bulbous body and top and a thinner neck. With a variety of surface designs, colors, patterns, etching, and other features, there is a wide selection of looks that will help you find something to match your room perfectly. Whether you are installing a new fixture or simply looking for a fresh new look, these shades are a great way to get the job done in no time.

Browse our wide selection of high-quality parts and get the look and style you want. All of our student glass lamp shades exude that antique, classic style you love. We have opal, hobnail, quilted, melon, ribbed, and more when it comes to designs, each as masterfully crafted as the last. While using a high-quality shade, you can reduce the glare of the bulb or burner and diffuse light above and below the lamp, creating a nice ambiance and atmosphere from even smaller fixtures.

Whether you need your lamp to provide illumination so you can work at your desk or simply wish to add it as a beautiful decor piece, these shades will help you give it the perfect finish.