Vianne Glass Lamp Shades

Vianne is the leading glass makers in the world. They are based out of France and ship to businesses around the globe. They have a long reputation of crafting the finest and most stunning glass products. They have over 4,0000 molds they use to create their world-famous, hand-blown glass creations. One of their best creations are their Vianne lamp shades, especially the cased glass and stain glass, as two of the most popular options. Cased glass is the result of two layers of glass being molded together to create beautiful ribbed or straight Vianne lamp shades. Their beautiful satin glass is pressed glass that has been treated to create a foggy look to the glass. Many people enjoy the old-fashioned beauty of Vianne lamp shades in these two styles. We are proud to bring you hand-blown lamp shades created by artisans passionate about their art.

We offer many Vianne lamp shades to choose from, whether you are looking for cased glass or satin glass. Many of the satin glass coverings feature exquisite hand-sketched designs to add an extra touch of elegance. They are even offered with a color-tinted top for those looking for even more style choices. We always carry a variety of sizes as well to ensure you can always find the fit for your fixture. All of these items are hand-blown and crafted in America. Whatever design or style you choose; these carefully crafted lamp shades would make a great addition to your favorite antique lighting fixture. Find your new favorite lamp shade today!

Antiques are a possession meant to be maintained and treasured for generations. In many families, it is passed down like a family heirloom. We understand the importance of antiques, and we aim to treat your prized possession as if it were our own by providing you with only the best in antique lamp supplies. We work with a network of over 6,0000 dealers and manufacturers to get you not only the best but also the most selection. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the high-quality products we offer.