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When you have opted for a stylish antique or contemporary light globes or any other lighting fixture, it is usually for good reason. These units can add more than light to a room. They add style, and a sense of classic charm that is hard to find elsewhere. When it comes to light globes and glass globes, we offer many choices that are guaranteed to fit a variety of needs and styles. Our unique and specialized collection is based on providing the type of specialty service that is hard to find with other companies.

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Sometimes, older heirlooms and antiques can be difficult to find parts and components for. We understand that many individuals still have a taste for older and classic lamps and light fixtures. We strive to provide a selection of high-quality replacement shades for both table and floor models. We offer a variety of variations for each unique need a customer may have

Art deco slip shades, chimney style, hurricane style, Aladdin style, and many more styles are offered in our wide array of replacement shades, light globes, and glass globes. Even Victorian style and kerosene-powered units can be equipped with high-quality shades and components. While some furniture stores may offer basic styles of these items, our specialty in the industry has given us the edge when it comes to stylish and hard to find components for lighting fixtures.

By networking with antique dealers across the country, we have been able to acquire a large inventory, as well as a great amount of knowledge concerning these units and parts. Our trained professionals can help customers make decisions regarding revisions, replacements, repair, and even style. Our guarantee of quality ensures you that our products are all in working order. Free shipping is offered on orders over $20 as an added perk for our customers.

Antique Lamp Supply strives to meet the needs of customers with high levels of efficiency even in this very specific industry. As a specialty-based company, we understand that customers need an organization to depend on for unique and hard to find parts and fixtures. The level of knowledge our staff possesses is just as exceptional and distinct as the inventory we offer.